10 Tips for Working Mums

10 Tips for Working Mums

top tips for working mums

I am definitely no expert in this field, but as a business owner and working mum of 2. I have a few handy tips up my sleeve which help me get through each day. Us mums have it hard, whether we are working or not. These few tips may even help a stay at home mum be a little more productive throughout the day also. 

Let yourself figure out the work / life balance.
Try not to jump straight into full time work, I understand that this may be necessary in some cases but it is important to start off slowly and ease your way back into working and let yourself figure out the right work/life balance for you and your little ones.

Try not to put too much pressure on yourself.
It's okay that dinner isn't ready or the house isn't clean. You aren't always going to be totally organised and you are going to be tired. Sit down, spend time with your beautiful family, have a wine. You will eventually work out what works for you!

Don't let other people tell you what you should be doing.
Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is going to have an opinion regardless of what you do. It is your job not to listen to them and again, do what is right for you and your family. If you have to work more hours to help with finances, so be it. Don't let Susie down the road determine what's right for you.

Choosing a suitable carer for your child. 
Whether you opt in for childcare, kinder or a family/friend. It is important to plan this out ahead, you want to make sure that the type of care you choose is reliable, affordable and of course suitable to your child's wellbeing. Listen to your gut instinct & do your research!

Accept help/don't be afraid to ask!
Most people will offer you their help, take it! Whether its driving the kids to and from school, picking up the groceries, housework you will most likely need a hand! Make sure you and your partner are sharing the workload or if you are a single mum (like myself), ask a friend or a family member. Don't be afraid!

Prepare & prioritise. 
Try to get everything prepared the night before school, kids lunches, uniforms etc. That way you can skip the morning rush! If you have events coming up, get a planner for your fridge or workspace so you can be slightly organised in advance. It is also important to prioritise, it is okay if dinner is quick and easy if it means your spending time with your little ones. Try not to stress about what needs to be done & focus on spending that quality time with them!

Yes, it is a thing! Regardless of what we do as mums, we get mum guilt. Guilty for leaving our kids, or not spending enough time with them. It is okay to have some time to yourself, it is okay to work! Being mentally, physically and financially stable will show your little ones that you're a boss mama! It does NOT make you a bad parent at all. Remember that!

Enjoy & make the most of it!
It is important to enjoy what you do and make the most out of your time off. Take the kids out on the weekend, have fun! 


I would love to know what you thought about this blog, or  you can introduce yourself in the comments below! Thankyou for reading xx

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