Surviving Lockdown with Kids

Surviving Lockdown with Kids

Okay, so all you need is an iPad, Youtube & a glass of wine.... Just Kidding! 

Hi everyone! With Victoria going back into lockdown for the fourth time, I've been inspired to write a blog on how I try to survive being at home with the kids. A little bit about me... I'm Chantelle, owner of 2 businesses and mum of 2 based in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, AU. 

Now, I have been a stay at home mum for 2 years prior to COVID & let me tell you, THIS is something different. Being home with the kids on a normal day to day basis has its pros and cons, but once you take our freedom away - we go a little crazy. Including the kids and trust me, it takes a HUGE toll on those little ones too. Anyway, here are some coping mechanisms for your family to get through lockdown (I really should take some of my own advice... haha!)

Help your little ones understand the situation

This is one of the most important things to me, I don't like to tip toe around the situation. Depending on your little ones' age, this can be a smidge difficult to explain to them and help them understand why things are a little different. It is important to talk through the way you all feel about the situation, and spit out facts to your children for example - "I am not worried about contracting the virus, I am worried about the small businesses/shops or our elderly relatives getting very sick." Also, very important to ask your children if they have any questions.

'TRY' to be organised

Being organised at home with all of the distractions isn't always easy, but my top tip is to have a SMALL daily to-do list. Depending on what is important to you, this list may include - the dishes, meditating, the washing, doing a workout. What ever suits you and your family, but these tasks should be those things you get done early in the day or things you have to do every day so that you have time to relax, homeschool, do some activities etc. If you don't have any structure in place, you may just end up having a very unproductive day and regretting it. Trust me, I've been there but you have to start somewhere. 

Especially if you are homeschooling, try to keep a routine that is similar to your child's normal school routine. 

Spend time outdoors

Whether you have an outdoor play area, or like to go for walks to the park. Try and get outdoors as much as possible. I know, in Australia at the moment it is FREEZING but chuck on a few extra layers & head outside. Nothing feels better than a breathe of fresh air (via a mask lol). But yes, it definitely helps. 

Don't run out of food or wine....

You'd be surprised at how much these little critters eat! I don't know about your household, but if we're due for a grocery shop - it is like 24hrs from hell! I'm hANGRY and so are the kids, which is where the bickering begins/gets worse. and although, it is easier said than done, try to have a little more patience for bickering. It will happen, regardless of whether you have food or not. Sometimes you just have to let it go. That's what the wine is for, so make sure you don't run out of that either haha! 

Have some time for fun! 

Have a fashion show, play hide and seek, do a photoshoot, sing, dance, whatever makes you all happy! Even do a cook-up, the kids usually love being creative in the kitchen. There are plenty of activity ideas online.


We can do it, I mean... we already are! Though, It is important to remember, we are all human, we all have feelings & make sure you check in on your friends and family during these times. If all else fails, then its time to resort to cuddles, popcorn and a movie. Family time and connecting is the most important thing at the end of the day.


Stay home, Stay Safe & if you have any other helpful tips - make sure you drop them in the comments!

 - Chantelle xo 

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